About Us

Matthew’s Preserves is a business that has been a long time in the making, right from my humble beginnings of learning to cook with my mum as a child and watching with awe at her baking and cooking skills. One of her many delights she produced were chutneys, jams, marmalades and curds, which both myself and siblings used to lap up and jars once opened were quickly polished off. Growing up with homemade delights has stuck with me throughout my life, especially since I grew up and moved away. I always knew that going back to my mums, there would always be a jar of preserves in the cupboard waiting to be devoured. 

Then to my dismay, it all stopped. Mum had enough and she was only making enough for herself. How selfish we all cried, but the reality was, she was getting older and wanted her time to herself and not spend endless hours in the kitchen chopping, cutting and boiling. To me, this was a disaster because I always welcomed the generous handouts. How was I going to get around this?

My answer, start making them myself. I had my cooking bible (given to me by my mum) and I got about reading up on the recipes and making my own large batches of produce to give to family and friends, but mostly, I started repaying my mum for all the freebies I got from her.

Matthews Preserves About Matthew

Well, fast forward the years and I was getting compliments from family and friends about how good my chutneys were. These were ones I had concocted myself and I made them without recipes, just throwing ingredients in which I saw fit. I never thought about starting a business and selling anything because quite frankly, I wanted them all to myself but with a little bit of badgering from my partner, mum and sisters, I started the process to start a business back in the summer of 2018.

So, here I am now, 2019 with my own Preserves business. Don’t worry, I have standardised recipes now for all my produce, the days of chucking any old ingredients have long gone but I will still experiment to ensure the products I produce are to the best standard. I have a moto ‘don’t sell something which you wouldn’t buy yourself’. I think this should stand me in good stead moving forward. 

So, please buy my products and let me know what you think and I look forward to your continued custom.